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RobotWorld 2023 Korea

11 oktober, 2023 - 14 oktober, 2023

•lndustria robots : Collaborative robots. Gantry robots. SCARA rooots. Articulaled robots. Paralle robots, Micro robots, and Components for robot systemsQigs and fixtures, tool-chang,ng systems. measurement systems. peripheraJs. etc)

•Service robot1cs : AMAs. AGVs. Logis ics robots. Bansta robots. Cookmg robots. Dehvery robots. Serv·ng robots. Disinfectio’l robots. Prof essional cleaning robots. Guide robots. Care robots(f or the elderly) and rehabilitation robots. Exoskeleton robots. EducationaJ robots. Robots apolied in lnspection. maintenance and Secunty, RaaS

•Robot Parts & Components : Motors. Drives. Servos, Reducers. Encoders, Actuators, Modules, Grippers. Clamping and stop devices. Motion controller. Garneras. Sensors. I ransistors. etc

•Digital solutions for the smart factory : IT solutions for the Smart Factory, loT Platforms and Services. Digital twin technology. Cloud Compufing and Big Data. Connectivity, M2M Communication, sortware and Systems(MES, ERP. rrs etc.), Machine vision systems, etc

•Drones : DelivevY drones, P1ofessional drones used for mapping. SUfveillance & monitor and maintenance. Military drones, GPS drones, Photography/vldeography drones Racing drones, Ready-to-use(RTF) drones. Toy drones.


11 oktober, 2023
14 oktober, 2023