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Webbinar: Automation meeting food sector needs

31 maj, 2022 @ 09:00 - 10:30

For many years the Food and Beverages sector has been characterized by high volume production of similar products. However, very high volumes of certain products have seasonal variations. In the high season the production system is a its full speed but in the low season is it standing still. At the same time the number of custom orders is increasing. Does low utilization of equipment in the low season feels familiar to you? Are you seeing an increase in custom orders which you cannot handle efficiently? Do you feel like your system could benefit from automation, but you cannot be breakeven from the costs ever? If you do, this seminar is for you.

Join us and learn how other players in the Food and Beverages sector are making use of hyper flexible, mobile, unfenced and human co-existing robotic solutions to increase resource utilization. In the FLAP project we are directly addressing the need to depalletize and repalletize using flexible robotic solutions to handle custom orders. What is more interesting is that the same robotic solution can take on many other roles in the production system, we use machine intelligence to allow the robots to be moved around and take on different roles in a very easy way.

Are you also interested in understanding how to leverage on research projects to create impactful innovation in your production system? You are very welcome, and we look forward to discussing with you in this webinar. The webinar will include a presentation of the FLAP project that sets the stage, testimonies from the companies developing and using the technical solutions and, in the end, we run a small workshop to hear from you.

Be inspired!

The project Sustainable and Flexible Automation of Seasonal Production through Dynamic Resource Management (FLAP) It is an ongoing project, funded by Vinnova’s strategic innovation program Produktion2030.

Where and when: Teams meeting, Tuesday 31st of May 09:00-10:30

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31 maj, 2022
09:00 - 10:30